Top Tips for Great Infrared Grilling: The Portable Gas Grill Edition

If you’ve recently bought a new portable infrared gas grill from a leading company like Rasmussen Ironworks / Solaire Gas Grill, you can look forward to having succulent filet mignon every time you’re out boating, camping, or tailgating. While you can cook food so much faster on an infrared grill that heats up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes, grilling the perfect sausages, steaks, or patties still takes a bit of skill and attention to detail. Consider these tips on how to ensure that whatever you throw on the grill comes out beautifully.

Infrared Grill Basics

An infrared grill is not your ordinary portable gas grill. The main difference has to do with the cooking method. Gas, wood, and charcoal grills will have you cooking over an open flame in the traditional way. Although effective, this method can’t compare to what an infrared grill can do, thanks to the addition of the emitter plate.


Infrared Grills: The Smart and Convenient Choice for Barbecue Lovers

Some people assume that backyard grilling is simply a matter of throwing a piece of meat over a fire or hot charcoal. Ordinary backyard grills, however, are usually not capable of generating the ideal temperatures for cooking the best steaks. This is why it’s pretty hard to duplicate the juicy tenderloins served at restaurants.

Fortunately, grilling technology has advanced to such a degree that you can confidently grill restaurant-quality steaks in your backyard. With infrared grills like those manufactured by Rasmussen Ironworks / Solaire Gas Grill, you can cook the juiciest steaks at your convenience.

Infrared Grill Cleaning Guide

An infrared grill is a delicate piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance. If you’d like to buy this type of grill, you’ll have to inspect the infrared plate and the heating component twice a year. Whenever you discover worn parts, they must be replaced immediately. Most replacement components can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.
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Buy a New Portable Gas Grill for Your Cookouts

If you love cooking outside on a portable gas grill, then you should check out the newest models offered. When you have a portable gas grill that is only a few years old, it probably is already outdated because grilling technology improves rapidly. One of the newest technologies concerning portable gas grills is cooking with infrared components. This means that the infrared mechanism is placed between the flames and the grates. Continue reading

How to Select the Right Grill

Grills are often the most important element of cooking meals during the summer months. To choose a grill that is right for your needs, you need to think long and hard about how you will use it.

Consider Your Cooking Demands

The kind of grill that you purchase will depend largely on your cooking demands. If you often cook a fairly small quantity of burgers for your family, a small grill may be a sufficient choice. You’ll surely need a much larger grill if you tend to cook for large groups of people at parties. There are also special options like vegetable roasting racks and rotisseries for chicken and pork.

Where Will You Use a Grill?

Grills are available in a large variety of sizes. Some grills are no larger than a serving plate while others can stretch beyond 7 feet in length. If you plan on using your grill in the comfort of your backyard, you can select any of the available options. If you plan to use your grill for camping trips and tailgating events, a small portable grill is an ideal choice. Solaire offers many portable gas grills that are suitable for these purposes.

Infared or Flame?

Some grills now have infrared cooking designs that allow grillers to sear meats with hot metal surfaces. The main benefit of these infrared cooking systems is consistent heat. Some grillers prefer the charring effects of open flames, so infrared grills have not completely taken over the market. This option is completely dependent on the preference of the consumer.

Cooking Food Faster Outdoors

An infrared grill offers all of the comforts of cooking outside that you enjoy, but it takes a shorter amount of time to cook the food. There are a few other benefits that you will find with an infrared grill that could change how you plan your picnics and other outdoor activities in the future.

The burners on the grill are usually made of ceramic, metal or glass. Instead of waiting on charcoal to get hot, the grill is usually ready in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to worry about the mess that is made with the charcoal, and you won’t have a propane taste in your food like you would with a gas grill. The surface will get about three times warmer than a traditional grill surface, making your food cook faster. If you are preparing a large amount, then this is a benefit so that family and guests don’t have to for a long time to eat.

Since the food cooks faster, the natural juices are often retained where with a charcoal or propane grill, you might find that some foods tend to dry out because it takes longer to prepare them. The surface of the grill is easy to clean as it’s not a metal rack. You don’t have the debris left over from the coal burning, so all you have to do is use a damp cloth to wipe away excess grease on the burner.

Grill Where You Want Like a Boss

Nothing beats the juicy flavor of a thick steak cooked on a gas grill. It’s pure summer bliss and more – the true grill masters are often spotted outside in the snow wearing their “kiss the cook” apron and winter gloves. If you’re a true barbecue devotee and fan of flame-kissed, it’s time to consider a portable gas grill that will let you take the flavor everywhere you go. There are several great places you can barbecue after embracing portability.

Tailgate in Style

Be prepared to meet other fans as there will be quite a few guests around your car when tailgating with a true gas grill. The incredible smells you create are sure to draw a crowd and be much more satisfying than choking down burgers that taste like lighter fluid.

Road Trips

Nobody actually enjoys convenience store food, so make sure your next road trip doesn’t include gas station hot dogs that have been rolling around under a heat lamp all day. With just a portable grill and a cooler, you and your friends can enjoy freshly grilled hot dogs anywhere you choose, even if all the local restaurants are closed for the night.

Fishing and Camping

Take your portable grill along to your favorite fishing hole and grill your catch on the spot. Portable stoves are also great for camping. Save the fire for the marshmallows and cook your kabobs to perfection on the controlled environment of your gas grill.